Feline Infectious Peritonitis is a devastating viral disease of cats that occurs worldwide and can affect many systems of the body. It is a progressive disease and almost always fatal. FIP affects domestic cats, especially purebred kittens: 70% of FIP cases are in pedigree kittens and cats. It is also a plague in rescue shelters and can be a danger to big cats kept in zoo environments. FIP occurs when the cat mounts an overly inflammatory immune response to feline coronavirus infection.


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FIP is a complex disease, and we have an in-depth look here, but if you want a quick and concise primer, our FIP at-a-glance provides you with the basics of the disease.

Watch Dr. Addie’s instructional videos to understand how cats become infected with FCoV, and how FCoV becomes FIP.

How cats become infected with FCoV.
Dr. Diane D. Addie

Pathogenesis of Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP) – the infection of the monocyte.
Dr. Diane D. Addie

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Are you looking for in-depth information about Feline Infectious Peritionitis? Our  FIP in-depth section is what you need. Please go to this page to get started.

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