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endfip® Autumn 2020 newsletter

EndFIP® Autumn 2020 Newsletter


All of us at EndFIP® hope that you are keeping safe and well at this difficult time. This issue tackles several topics related to feline coronavirus amid the Covid-19 pandemic, FIP diagnostics, and knowing that autumn can be a dangerous time for cats, we will also provide some advice on how to make sure your cat stays healthy during this change of seasons.

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endfip® Spring 2020 newsletter

EndFIP® Summer 2020 Newsletter


The Covid-19 pandemic continues to challenge us. At a time when the novel coronavirus and virology in general is dominating news headlines, social media posts, and everyday conversations around the world, EndFIP® releases the Summer 2020 newsletter which explores the most common feline viruses, in addition to addressing feline coronavirus and Feline Infectious Peritonitis.

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endfip® Spring 2020 newsletter

EndFIP® Spring 2020 Newsletter


Winter has officially ended! Although it may not feel like it with a global pandemic bringing some dreariness into our days… Spring has now begun! This is a difficult and uncertain time, and our first concern is for you, and your families. EndFIP® Spring newsletter tackles several topics related to feline coronavirus and Feline Infectious Peritonitis; it also addresses the delicate subject of grieving a FIP cat amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

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endfip® Winter 2020 newsletter

EndFIP® Winter Newsletter


There is something magical about wintertime. Out of the four seasons winter is the most mesmerizing one. It is a time to relish in the beauty and tranquility of this time of the year. EndFIP® takes this opportunity to  share an overview of Feline Infectious Peritonitis as well as tips for protecting your cat this winter season.

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endfip® Christmas 2019 newsletter

EndFIP® Christmas Newsletter

Each year during the holiday season, we take great pleasure in setting aside our regular work and sending a heartfelt message to all our best friends and supporters. The year has flown by, and we are joyful that the time has come again to extend to you our sincere gratitude. It is good people like you that make our mission possible.

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