"Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny."
—C. S. Lewis

Twenty-five days that changed my life.

Luca came into my life when least expected and blessed it in ways I never thought possible. We were together for just over a year and his last 25 days. The sad end of his life changed mine forever.

Five years ago, sadly I was introduced to FIP and its underlying cause the vile feline coronavirus (FCoV). Even though I had cats all my life and had always provided them with the best veterinary care possible, I had no idea this virus and disease existed. I paid the ultimate price for my ignorance when Luca succumbed to the dry form of the disease on October 5th, 2013.

I remember feeling the air escaping my lungs and dropped to my knees after hearing those awful three letters: “FIP.” I was absolutely devastated and simply couldn’t believe his fate was sealed. During the 25 days Luca was ill, I spent countless hours researching Feline Infectious Peritonitis on the internet and came across Dr. Diane D. Addie’s website. It was Dr. Addie’s vast knowledge and her ability to educate others which provided me with a source of light and hope during those days filled with so much darkness and despair.

Luca fought bravely against this formidable foe, and I soon realized it was too late for him. Luca was one more victim of this dreadful disease which at that time so little was known and no proper FIP treatment protocols were in place here in the U.S. The virus won, it took one more: that one more was my beloved cat and I declared war against feline coronavirus.

Luca's storyI’ve promised Luca his passing was not going to be in vain. I’ve promised him I will do whatever it takes to help find a solution and also I’ve promised him: One day when my heart was healed and ready to welcome other kitten(s), I will make sure this vile virus will never touch them. I’ve kept my promises; my life is blessed now with two beautiful, healthy and FCoV free cats who witness every day how I remember and honor the big brother they never met. There is happiness and joy after the pain and sorrow FIP creates in everyone it touches.

Beloved Luca, you were born with a purpose and departed too soon. Too tragic. You left me with a mission. I will not rest until a solution to end FIP is found. Luca, you are the wind in my sails and the inspiration behind EndFIP®.

Your loving Mom,

Read the detailed account of Luca's journey, from the first signs of illness to the quest for a diagnosis, and his final transition from beloved cat to FIP angel.

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