Dealing with the loss of your FIP cat

Part Three

When you need help…

You are not alone in your grief. If you don’t have family or friends who understand your feelings or if you need more support than they are capable of providing, PLEASE SEEK HELP. Help IS always out there…somewhere. To all of you who have lost a cat to FIP: we hope this page is that help and the EndFIP® website is that somewhere.

EndFIP® aims to inspire hope and work in partnership to help alleviate the human suffering and deep grieving caused by FIP. We are here to help, if you need assistance, please reach out to us at

"The Light shines in the darkness and the darkness could not put it out"
—John 1st

The sites listed below are support resources to consider:

• The Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement:
• Pet Loss Grief Support Community Resources at Rainbow Bridge:
• Rainbow Bridge, Pet Loss Grief Support, Monday Candle Ceremony:
Note from Maria Bonino: “This site was instrumental in my healing process. I attended the Monday night ceremony for several months and found much-needed support after Luca’s passing.”
• Pet Loss Support, Groups and Forums at Chance’s spot
• Ohio State University compiled a varied list of suggested reading:
• FIP Advisory and Care Group:
• University of Glasgow Pet Bereavement Support:

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