"Empathy is the starting point for creating a community and taking action, it’s the impetus for creating change."
—Max Carver

What can you do to help end FIP?

Some of you visited this website because you have a sick cat at home and been given the dreaded diagnosis of FIP or perhaps already lost a cat or more to this dreadful disease while others have come to this website simply because they care enough about cats and want to do something to help.

Regardless of what prompted you to visit our site, EndFIP® wants to inspire you to create lasting solutions to prevent feline coronavirus (FCoV) infection in multi-cat environments, such as breeding and rescue catteries. We want you to joins us in the real call to action to help spread the word to encourage further research and efforts to eliminate the underlying cause of FIP: the ghastly feline coronavirus (FCoV).

Awareness, knowledge, and propagation of knowledge are the most significant tools we all have to help eradicate FCoV thus FIP. Please spread the word about FIP, whether it’s with your veterinarian, the breeder or rescue shelter you got your cat from, your family, your friends, wherever – the more people who know the real facts about FIP, the higher our chances to eradicating it.

help us endFIP®

Help Us End FIP:

Tell everybody about website.
Put links on your website to
Write articles or blogs about FIP.
Print and distribute our FIP Awareness brochure and posters available for download here.
Breeders, please educate other breeders and encourage FCoV testing.
If your cat has FIP, donate samples from your cat or the body to science.
If you have a household of FCoV infected cats, consider helping research.
Help translate FIP information into other languages.
Help your local shelter by fostering or act in some supportive way to get cats rehomed out of shelters as soon as possible. The less time cats spend at the shelter, the less opportunities for infection, thus fewer cats will die of FIP.

Download our FIP Awareness posters & brochure

Download, print, share, distribute. The more people – veterinarians, breeders, rescuers, cat guardians – know about FCoV and FIP, the more chances we have to prevent the spread of coronavirus, and the more chances we have to end FIP.

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