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The leadership of the Luca Fund for FIP Research is very grateful to all our supporters for the valued philanthropic relationship we share with them. Their ongoing support has helped the University of Glasgow School of Veterinary Medicine to continue to make great strides toward improving FIP diagnostics, and to continue with a number of research initiatives which investigate feline infectious peritonitis (FIP) and its causal pathogen, feline coronavirus.

There is almost no funding to support studies for companion animal health, especially when it comes to our beloved cats. These are exciting and dynamic times in the FIP research field, and support from donors is more vital than ever.

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We need your help because every kitten deserves to have a long and healthy life. LUCA CLUB is a monthly giving program with 100% of every dollar going directly toward supporting the University of Glasgow’s research into FIP and Feline Coronavirus.

We can all agree that the miracle of transformation happens when the time, talent, focus, and necessary resources come together with the help and demonstrated support of dedicated donors like all of you. Thank you for your partnership that makes this movement to end FIP possible.

How donations are used.

The Luca Fund provides much needed support for a number of research initiatives at the University of Glasgow which investigate feline infectious peritonitis (FIP) and its causal pathogen, feline coronavirus.
Studies are ongoing in two main areas:
The first is a data-driven study, aimed at improving diagnostic testing based on information from the standard laboratory tests used to diagnose FIP.

The second main area of investigation is the transmission of feline coronavirus at the local and national scale.

Read how funds raised by EndFIP® and the Luca Fund for FIP benefit research at Glasgow University.

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