Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP): an in-depth look.

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When to announce recovery and discontinue treatment

When a cat is eating well, regained normal weight and temperature and AGP, globulin levels, Hct and lymphocyte count have all returned to normal, the question will arise whether or not it is safe to discontinue treatment. Cessation of virus shedding in feces does not always indicate that the virus has been eliminated from the entire body.

Measuring FCoV antibody titer is less useful in the shorter term (weeks) since it will tend to remain high, but over a period of months, its fall to zero indicates a full recovery. Now to be absolutely certain that the cat has recovered, as opposed to being in remission, the FCoV antibody titer should have reduced to zero using a sensitive FCoV antibody test (dilution of 1:10).

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