Welcome to EndFIP.com, a website created by and for individuals who believe in, and want to actively support research into FCoV eradication and ending Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP), without the use of laboratory cats. It was created with the purpose of promoting knowledge amongst cat lovers, breeders and rescuers and is a place where people can come to learn the latest news on FIP prevention, treatment and most importantly progress in the goal of eradicating FCoV the virus that causes FIP. This website also exists to promote fundraising for indispensable research.

The EndFIP® trademark was granted to Diane D Addie Ph.D., BVMS, MRCVS and Ms. Maria S. Bonino in October 2017 and is identified with their fundraising efforts to support research programs, veterinary programs and campaigns to promote awareness of Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP) and its underlying cause, feline coronavirus (FCoV).

Dr. Addie and Ms. Bonino’s joint efforts are focused on research into FCoV eradication which would end FIP, without the use of laboratory cats. Fundraising is essential to the pursuit of their endeavor. The EndFIP® trademark will become synonymous with this approach to this uncommon, but frequently fatal, condition.

We need you to EndFIP®. From donations to the Luca Fund, to helping spread information and awareness, your contribution is welcome and appreciated. Find out how you can help us.


Dr. Diane D. Addie

Diane D. Addie, PhD., BVMS, MRCVS is a veterinary surgeon and virologist who has spent decades researching FIP and promoting awareness about eradicating FCoV. She is a graduate of the University of Glasgow Veterinary School where, after obtaining her Ph.D. on FCoV and FIP, she held the position of Senior Lecturer and Head of Diagnostic Virology.

In 2003 she received the Amoroso Award for outstanding contributions to small animal studies by a non-clinical member of university staff. She left her position of Senior Lecturer and Head of Diagnostic Virology at GUVS in 2006 and is presently an independent researcher.

Dr. Addie is also a member of the European Advisory Board on Cat Diseases and one of the world’s leading feline coronavirus and FIP expert. She is author of the catvirus.com website, a YouTube channel, the book “FIP and Coronavirus,” in addition to many veterinary textbook chapters and scientific papers which are frequently cited in scientific publications on FIP.

Maria S. Bonino

Maria S Bonino is the founder and managing director of a wealth management firm based in the United States. She was educated both in Europe and South America and has worked in the financial sector since 1999. On October 2013 she lost her beloved 14-month-old Russian Blue Luca to FIP and joined the ranks of countless cat owners who feel utterly lost and frustrated by the lack of knowledge and resources to combat this dreadful disease.

Shortly after Luca’s passing, Maria reached out to Dr. Addie. Since then, they have been collaborating on several projects. In recent months Maria has worked to build the the EndFIP® brand identity to support research of this feline infectious disease and was diligently involved in the process of creating this website which is critical for their long-term efforts on research and awareness strategies about this dreadful and often misunderstood disease and to help differentiate themselves from others.

Luca is the reason and inspiration behind all Maria does to create awareness about FCoV and FIP, and together with Dr. Addie extend their empathy and sympathy if you’ve come to this site because you have a sick cat at home and been given the dreaded diagnosis of FIP.

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