a fight against Feline Infectious Peritonitis


How is it possible so little is known about FIP?

During the twenty-five days Luca was ill, I spent countless hours researching Feline Infectious Peritonitis on the internet. While learning about FIP, I realized it was too late for Luca, he was one more victim of this dreadful disease, and I asked myself: Why do we need to hear those awful three letters “FIP” before we become aware of Feline Infectious Peritonitis?

Luca's legacyLosing Luca was shattering, I’ve never experienced that profound grief before even though I’ve loved and lost many times in the past and whilst coming to terms with what had happened to Luca and the unfairness of it all, I recognized the need to get involved and do what I can to help find a solution to end FIP. I understood the importance of getting informed about FCoV and FIP and share what I’ve learned with others.

It may be that you, the reader, have come to this website because you have a sick cat at home and been given the dreaded diagnosis of FIP and if that is so, you have my full understanding and compassion. Perhaps you like me already lost a cat to this awful disease and you might be asking yourself: “If there’s nothing we can do, why are you telling me this?”

Well, there’s something we all can do. The real call to action to help spread the word to encourage further research and efforts to eliminate the underlying cause of FIP: the ghastly feline coronavirus (FCoV).

Awareness, knowledge and propagation of knowledge are the biggest tools we all have to help eradicate FCoV thus FIP. Please spread the word about FIP, whether it’s with your veterinarian, the breeder or rescue shelter you got your cat from, your family, your friends, wherever – the more people who know the true facts about FIP, the greater our chances to eradicating it.

FIP marked my life and left a devastating emptiness which can only be filled by knowing other cats and their humans will not experience what Luca and I endured during those twenty-five days back in 2013.

A few months after Luca’s transition, I started my own journey to help find a solution to end FIP and now in 2018, in time to mark the 5th anniversary of Luca’s passing, I am delighted to release this recently commissioned website with the hope it will bring clarity, insight, and support to all touched by FIP.

Help us end FIP. Donate today.

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